2019 Cupcake Day Ontario SPCA Muskoka Animal Centre

National Cupcake Day is Monday, February 25th.

Join us for the sweetest day of the year!

National Cupcake Day is the most delicious way to show your support for animals in need of your help!

Register today (it’s free!) and start planning your Cupcake Day party. Simply plan to supply some delicious treats, and then invite co-workers, friends and family to attend in exchange for a donation to your local SPCA or Humane Society.

Save a puppy, kitten or pony and make everyone’s day a little brighter with a scrumptious treat. What could be sweeter?

Local Event Details

Event Coordinator Name: Jane McCamus

Event Coordinator Phone: 705-645-6225

Event Coordinator Email: jmccamus@ospca.on.ca

Designation Code: 420

You can be as creative as you want planning your Cupcake Day party! Hold a virtual Cupcake Day party where your donors will each get a virtual National Cupcake Day e-card, deliver cupcakes to your supporters or hold a decorating or best-tasting contest with fun prizes. There are lots of ideas to make your Cupcake Day party irresistible.

Have fun and on behalf of the animals, thank you!

Your Impact - Cupcake Funds Raised

Funds Raised for: National Cupcake Day


2019 Cupcake Day Ontario SPCA Muskoka Animal Centre
of Goal
$17,405 Raised

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      Don’t miss out on our weekly prizes! Every Monday from January 28th to February 25th we will be awarding a cool prize to one of our registered fundraisers! Introducing …The kitchenAid Artesian stand mixer… woot woot!

      IMG_20190116_131914.jpgAll you need to do to have a chance to win this bakers dream is register on line and self pledge $25 to get your first ballot for the draw. For every additional $100 you raise you will receive an additional ballot for the mixer draw! Raise more funds equals more chances to win!The KitchenAid Contest closes at 11:59pm, on Friday March 1/2019.


      IMG_20190116_121548.jpgThe Chefs Skillet Package will be awarded to our top individual fundraiser and this prize is the cats meow! All you need to do is register on line and raise the most funds. This prize package features a le creuset enameled cast iron skillet ooh lala along with some other fantastic items. The Chefs Skillet prize package closes on 11:59pm Friday March 1/2019. All funds raised must be confirmed prior to that time and date to be eligible to win.